1989 goldwing 1500 investigación

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Each presenter chose diesel vehicles: Jeremy used a Jaguar XJ6 Diesel , and in spite of using every feature in the car, and driving uneconomically, completed the journey. James May , driving a Subaru Legacy , arrived 40 minutes after Clarkson. Several entries were made, including one stating while the Scirocco wasn't fast it was economical, a rehash of a previous Golf ad, and one detailing a funeral slightly spoiled by Clarkson. All were rejected, leading Clarkson and May to create separate ads. Clarkson won with references to World War II.

The presenters were challenged to create their own electric car that would rival the G-Wiz. The first car, nicknamed " Geoff ", was put through its paces in the city of Oxford , before being re-built as the Hammerhead-i Eagle Thrust. The Hammerhead underwent a number of safety tests at the Motor Industry Research Association , with the Top Gear trio attempting to fool the examiners by using simple camera trickery.

It was then reviewed by Autocar magazine, with the team disappointed by the review, while making a reference to OFCOM , the telecommunications regulator. Due to the problems Britain suffered during the previous winter with snow, and local authorities not having the money to spend on road clearing equipment, the presenters came up with the idea of the Snowbine Harvester to save money, working on the theory combine harvesters were sitting idle during winter months so were readily available with a cheap conversion kit.

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The team fitted a snowplough to the front of a used Claas Dominator. It was also converted to a gritter using the grain chute, capable of blasting grit through the windows of nearby cars. A flamethrower was fitted at the rear, operated by Jeremy, and a Bovril boiler in the cab for James to counter the lack of heating.

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During testing in Norway, the team blasted grit through a house window, set fire to a man and ran into a car hidden by snow. They then successfully ploughed a road that had not previously been ploughed that winter. The team admitted that this was an unusual challenge in that they were ultimately "ambitious and successful" - contrary to the usual challenge results. The presenters believed that train travel in the UK is too expensive, and the main reason is that trains are expensive to build.

They first of all converted a 5. The Jaguar was unable to pull the four "carriages" due to their weight, and the Jaguar's rear-wheel-drive. The presenters split into two teams, with Clarkson taking the Jaguar and promising to build a "Train GTI", later referred to as the "TGV12", and Hammond and May converting a four-wheel-drive Audi S8 to pull the existing carriages. The presenters with their respective creations then raced from "near Leicester " Leicester North to "near Loughborough " Loughborough Central on the Great Central Railway with a number of railway experts as passengers.

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Clarkson won the race despite having been caught behind Hammond and May at times and almost colliding with No. Meanwhile, the Buffet car on Hammond's and May's train had caught fire, and after stopping short of Loughbourough, the "scum class" carriage was hit and destroyed by passing diesel locomotive D Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry. The presenters are tasked with creating their own off-road mobility scooters for rambling in the Welsh countryside. Clarkson builds an eight-wheeler with two engines from two electric scooters, with lawnmower wheels.

May makes an electric wheelchair and Hammond creates his machine from a mobility trike and a petrol powered builders' wheelbarrow, with a single wheel at the front and crawler tracks at the back The task ends with a race in the countryside against three wounded soldiers. Only Hammond manages to finish the race, with Clarkson's scooter falling down a hill into a set of trees, and May aborting the mission and getting stuck outside a pub near Crickhowell.

Chris and Matt are tasked with finding the perfect convertible supercar for all weather. Both are told to report in Las Vegas for a series of challenges along a mile road trip from Las Vegas to the Sierra Nevada mountains. The first challenge, named "Spring", was held at Spring Mountain Raceway, where they have to complete a lap of the track with the roof down at the beginning and finish with the roof up.

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Along the way, a firetruck is prepared to simulate the effects of a spring rain. Next, there was the second challenge named "Summer", where they have to switch cars written as "take a vacation from your car", in keeping with the summer vacation spirit and drive across the Death Valley. Before the third challenge arrived, both have to spend the night at Darwin, California.

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The following day, the third challenge, named "Fall" arrived, where they have to freewheel down a section of the Sierra Nevada mountain road, where it's slippery. As they climbed higher into the mountains, the final challenge arrived at Mammoth Mountain where they have to race across the snowy mountain. On the final challenge, Matt initially made good progress as Chris' Porsche got temporarily stuck, but Chris later caught up as the Lamborghini's low ground clearance made Matt temporarily stuck before he chained the Lamborghini's rear tyres.

Despite this Chris wins the race narrowly.

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Next, they headed to a farm to see if the Track-tor is as useful as other tractors, specifically the New Holland T7 tractor, driven by Robert Neill, winner of the Farmer of the Year. The first test was hedge cutting, where the Track-tor's power overwhelmed the presenters as it frequently did wheelies and killing the scarecrow in the process. The next test was ploughing, where the Track-tor did a rather poor job at it. The final challenge was to harvest vegetables from the farm and transport it to the freezer section of a local village market 8 miles away in under 23 minutes, assisted by The Stig.

The presenters managed to do so with only ten seconds to spare. Over at the track, challenges include a "last space drag race" against Britain's best selling family cars; Chris drives a Volkswagen Touran , while Freddie drives a Kia Sportage Damon Hill makes an appearance as guest driver in a Citroën Berlingo , which the hearse comfortably wins due to its horsepower, 4. A few days later, Chris and Freddie decided to modify the hearse and meet at Tenby.

The hearse now sports a 4. Now dubbed "The Overtaker" , the presenters have to do a family holiday in Wales. First, they head for the local beach, where they have to beat a rival holidaymaker in a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG estate; Paddy claims he scored a moral victory due to the hearse's cheap price.

Next, they go to Walters Arena for their next challenge: a race to the campsite against Land Rover Discovery driven by a family of Stigs, where the hearse tipped over. The next day, the presenters mended the hearse and met at Mendips Raceway for their final challenge: banger racing to test the car's safety, which Paddy insisted on doing, with Chris and Freddie serving as Paddy's outriders; one of the competitors is Sabine Schmitz in a Volvo estate.

Despite the harsh treatment the hearse received, its engine still runs by the end of the show, much to Paddy's joy. First, the car is put to the test against two of the cheapest brand new 4x4s available for sale in the UK, the Suzuki Jimny and the Dacia Duster in a timed lap challenge. The Dirty Rascal initially made a good progress, but soon stalled. Next, Paddy heads for Scotland for their next challenge: a 20 kilometer off-road race against a squad of fully-armed former British Special Forces. After getting bogged down thanks to a smoke bomb from the Forces, the Dirty Rascal caught up to the troops by following the nearby river and some gravel tracks; however, the car came just moments later than the Forces.

With ice cream vans falling out of popularity over time, Paddy decided to revamp it by building an all-terrain, all-electric ice cream van. Joining Chris and Freddie in Blackpool , he presented his creation, dubbed "Mr Nippy", where Paddy came up with an idea of serving ice cream for warmer months and mash cone with pea and gravy for winter. At the beachfront, Mr Nippy appears to be well-received by locals, however the producers set a challenge at the local airport against a Whitby Morrison Amalfi an ice cream van based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter : lapping a course in the airport's fire training area while serving 99 Flake ice creams to firefighters.

Freddie, driving the Amalfi, set a time of 2 minutes and 25 seconds; Paddy's Mr Nippy initially overheated, but managed to clear the course after restarting, despite his 99 flake melting due to the restart, offering them pre-packed ice cream lollies instead. He cleared the course in 5 minutes and 12 seconds. Next, they return to the seaside and serving more ice creams to the locals before making their way to Imber for their next challenge: a paintball competition against a slew of hot food vans, all driven by Freddie.

First, they have to face the burger van, which Paddy and Chris managed to win. Then, they head to a simulated train yard for their next round against the fried foods van. The presenters are given a budget to buy a used car conforming to certain criteria. Once purchased, the presenters compete against each other in a series of tests to establish who has bought the best car. The presenters have no prior knowledge of what the tests will be, although they generally involve:.

All three presenters are highly competitive; vandalism and sabotage are commonplace, and any presenter whose car breaks down during a challenge will typically be abandoned to make their own way to the designated destination. Certain challenges since the African Cheap Car Road Trip have had a back-up car made available for any presenter whose car breaks down and cannot be repaired. The back-up vehicle is generally a model that is loathed by all three presenters, or in some other way antagonistic to the current challenge. Due to the controversial nature of some challenges, it is difficult to gauge who has been the most successful so far, but as a rough guide: May and Clarkson have won the most cheap car challenges with seven victories and Hammond has won three.

The presenter who unofficially won the most challenges was Clarkson, with May won 8 challenges, and Hammond won 6. The challenge included reliability, fuel economy, stopping time, safety, price, and lap-time testing. Clarkson bought a , Hammond bought a , and May bought a Clarkson won the challenge despite bringing the most unreliable of the three cars when he earned more by breaking up his car and selling it for parts.

May won by reaching , though the Jaguar broke down and had to have its oil and water replaced. The Jaguar won again, and while Hammond's sporty BMW did poorly, Clarkson fared even worse; the Starion's ride was so hard that the manual gearbox was of no consequence. The Jaguar came last and lost its engine oil again. The three presenters were next asked to drive from Millbrook to the QI club in Oxford ; points were awarded for the order of arrival, deducted for breakdowns, and fuel economy was measured.

May's Jaguar broke down so many times that he eventually gave up, managing just 8 miles per gallon. Clarkson beat Hammond to the club, albeit with poorer fuel consumption. The final challenge was an endurance race - each presenter was allowed to modify their car with the money left over from the original purchase. Hammond fitted a home-made bodykit to the BMW. May tried to paint the Jaguar in British racing green only to run out of paint and spent the rest fixing the engine. Clarkson had a more professional paint job, and installed an even more powerful turbo. The outcome was unexpected - while Clarkson's new turbo made the Mitsubishi the fastest car in the entire race, the engine repeatedly overheated and broke down after almost every lap, before one last blow up put him out for good.

Hammond's gearbox failed in the final stages of the race, but he still beat May by two laps although the Jaguar suffered wear during the race, it only broke down once when the brake fluid overheated. Winner: May Clarkson by agreement [nb 4].

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Hammond purchased a built late-reg Ferrari GT4 , and May found a Lamborghini Urraco afflicted by electrical problems. Various challenges included a lap of the Castle Combe Circuit , changing the oil and sparkplugs of their cars and driving from Chippenham to a "gentlemen's club" in Slough on a set amount of fuel.

Hammond won most of the challenges, and May's Urraco was a constant source of problems due to its poor electrics - it arrived in Bristol on the back of a tow truck, and broke down on almost every leg of the trip. The Merak began to deteriorate at Castle Combe, where it was revealed to have terrible brakes, and the engine began making worrying noises alongside very poor performance.

1989 goldwing 1500 investigación 1989 goldwing 1500 investigación
1989 goldwing 1500 investigación 1989 goldwing 1500 investigación
1989 goldwing 1500 investigación 1989 goldwing 1500 investigación
1989 goldwing 1500 investigación 1989 goldwing 1500 investigación
1989 goldwing 1500 investigación 1989 goldwing 1500 investigación

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