Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual

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Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Aviation Administration. The principles are much the same:. Fun fact: Field loadable software is considered a part , and therefore the configuration management that applies to parts also applies to software updates. The updated software must be certified for the aircraft configuration it's on, must have a part number which can be verified, and must appear on the bill of materials for the new aircraft.

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Sometimes an entire device will have a new part number when its software is updated, or sometimes the software has a separate part number that's updated while the hardware retains its own part number. Any modifications to the software must go through a change-impact analysis and recertification. The field loadable software must be certified for the device and aircraft it's being loaded on and there must be checks on the software loading process, the software itself, the software part number.

DOC specifically specifies that:. Integrity checks must have a level of reliability, similar to other reliability check in aircraft.

You can instead qualify the tool used to load the software, but this is less common than showing that the integrity checks are reliable. For aeronautical databases, safety levels and error checking are also seriously considered. Each particpant in aeronautical database creation and transmission must have a compliance plan, configuration management, error checking, a method to ensure unauthorized changes don't occur, and quality management. Chapter 5 of FAA Order RTCA's DOA is the standard for preparing and transmitting Aeronatuical databases from a regulated data provider to the operator of the aircraft.

I suggest you reference this or another book. Disclaimer: I am not a DER or engineer for the data loading process and so this information is for reference only. For technical work please consult the source documents and a DER instead of relying on this information. Updating A navigation using flash drives.

In general aviation applications, navigation database and software updates are downloaded over the internet from the avionics manufacturer, and stored on an SD card, which is later inserted into an SD card slot in the bezel of the avionics in the aircraft.

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Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. How are avionics updates delivered? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 2k times. For big e. I guess you're not downloading updates from the internet? Steve V. ChrisW ChrisW 2, 17 17 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. An a s vintage FMC, you accessed a hidden settings page through key presses documented in the maintenance manual but not the user manual.

You could update the software from a "dongle", plugged into a port in the avionics bay by providing a password code which was unique to the system and operator. I am guessing that the dongle has been replaced by USB key in more modern implementations. The data was encrypted by the manufacturer and decrypted on loading by the FMC. In this way, the entire software load was replaced rather than simply being updated. If I read your question correctly, you may be assuming that updates are somehow done over a network hence your question about chain of trust which whilst I don't know, I suspect does not happen since security would be a big concern.

Active Oldest Votes. Dave Dave They aren't really the same thing and very very different standards for quality assurance. I really don't think this answers the question as stated. It might use obfuscation though to make analysis and theft of intellectual property more difficult, though. What steps are taken to update software? A patent by Airbus explains the process excellently, even with diagrams in French: The first step is managed by the manufacturer of the aircraft.

Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual
Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual
Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual
Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual
Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual
Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual
Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual
Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual Faa rotorcraft análisis de manual

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